César Carrillo Pérez

César Carrillo PérezCésar Carrillo Pérez

Education: César Carillo Peréz is an Environmental Engineer with practical knowledge in environmental biology, sewage treatment, environmental assessing and audition, geographical information systems (GIS), water treatment, hydrology, hydraulics, air quality and meteorology, environmental monitoring, geomatics, Environmental Impact Studies (EIS), Environmental Management Plan (EMP), HSEQ, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and Environmental Modeling.

Career Path: He has participated in various projects related to the microbiology analysis of drinkablewater, the production of 3D maps and visualizations using specialized software and is skilled on software like Excel, ArcGis, MatLab, and AutoCAD. He has been a tenured professor of MinecraftEdu I, II, III at Arukay since October 2016 and has all the required knowledge on the tools necessary to present the world of Minecraft. He also has the skills and knowledge to build the necessary tools to survive in the various levels of the game. In addition, he has the knowledge to build complex circuits, paths and logic gates using RedStone, a material found in the world of Minecraft. Cesar also has the knowledge of the syntax of the Lua programming language which he uses to elaborate various programming challenges with the use of the Beginners Turtle tool found in the MinecraftEdu playing-mode. He also has knowledge on the use of command and series of commands used in Minecraft for the construction of several programmable features in the game’s interface.

César Carrillo Pérez, colombia 4.0 2017, conferencistas 2017, Zona Kids,Arukay
César Carrillo Pérez, colombia 4.0 2017, conferencistas 2017, Zona Kids,Arukay
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