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Colombia 4.0

We are the most important digital content event in Colombia. We have become an icon in the country for technology lovers, innovators, and content creators.

We present an academic agenda with the most important speakers, both at a national and international level, who will present the latest and most prominent trends and experiences happening in each of the thematic tracks.

Previous Editions
Edition 2015
Edición 2015

In its 2015 edition Colombia 3.0, had over 16.000 on-site participants and 19000 remote participants who followed the live streaming of the event.

The conference had more than 170 talks, delivered by 140 national and international speakers and experts from 15 different countries. Moreover, the conference also had ten networking events.

Edition 2016
Edición 2016

In its 2016 edition, Colombia 3.0 evolved into Colombia 4.0 to be able to collect and compile all available information about the challenges presented by the shift towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution, then hand that information over to the economic sectors and use it to strengthen the country's economy.

The Conference had over 60.000 participants, both on-site and online participants.

The attendees received training on the latest trends of the various contents presented, thanks to the talks delivered by the more than 246 national and international speakers.

Edition 2017
Edición 2017

In its 2017 edition, Colombia 4.0 had over 62.000 young and adults, both on-site and online participants, who learned from the speakers about the latest trends of the technology sector, and about the potential of creativity and technology.

302 Speakers from 78 different countries such as the United States, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Brazil, England, France, Russia, Mexico, among others, shared their knowledge on topics related to the following nine thematic tracks featured on the conference: video games, animation, media, web and mobile development, music, entrepreneurship, cyber-security, advertising, and monetization.

Edition 2018
Edición 2018

In its 2018 edition, Colombia 4.0 had over 72.100 attendees, both on-site and online participants, who valued learning from more than the 140 industry experts, who delivered speeches at the conference. Furthermore, and for the first time, the event included on its program a series of business round-table meetings focused solely on companies and ventures belonging to digital creative industries. These meetings helped to connect 45 Colombian entrepreneurs with 30 international buyers, reaching commercial agreements of 170,000 USD and expectations of over 10 million USD.

Edition 2019
Edición 2019

The most important Tech and Orange Economy Conference in the country broke the daily record of attendance with 10.500 people visiting the pavilions at Corferias. According to the latest official records, the 2019 edition of Colombia 4.0 held in Bogota had eleven thematic tracks featuring 234 industry experts from 17 different countries. The conference had 27.404 on-site participants, and over 58.000 people followed the live broadcasting of the event.

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