Colombia 3.0


<Know the evolution of the event that year after year gathers the best exponents of the Digital Creative Industries worldwide in Bogota/>



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In 2017, about 62,000 young people and participating adults, both face-to-face and virtually, learned about the new trends in the sector and the potential of creativity and technology from experts.

There were nine tracks and 302 speakers, including 78 from countries like United States, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Brazil, England, France, Russia and Mexico. They talked about videogames, animation, media, web and mobile development, music, entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, advertising and fintech.


Imagen edición 2016

In 2016, Colombia 3.0 evolved to Colombia 4.0. to be able to face and discuss all the challenges posed by the transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We had about 60,000 participants, between face-to-face and live broadcasts. The attendees were trained and updated in the different digital contents thanks to the talks of 246 national and international lecturers.


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In 2015, Colombia 3.0 received 16,000 face-to-face participants and 19,000 via streaming.

More than 170 conferences were held with 140 national and international experts from 15 different countries.

In addition, 10 networking events were held.

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