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<We are the largest technological and creative platform in Colombia and we have become a national reference for lovers of innovation and creative digital industries./>


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This year Colombia 4.0 will bring the best animators in the world, who will recreate innovative scenarios and will create unforgettable experiences with their stories for those attending this track.

Video Games

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Share experiences with the best exponents of the Video Game Industry. You can learn everything about the process of making a high-quality video game; from planning and development to marketing and distribution.


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Music, technology and the fusion rhythms will fill Colombia 4.0 with energy. The track will have specialized Workshops, Recording Studios, Pitch Sessions and National Bands playing at the Showcases.


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Transforming an idea into a Startup involves discipline, hard work and constant improvement. In this track you will hear the stories and experiences of brave and intrepid entrepreneurs, business men and experts that found out how to take their digital businesses to another level.

Kids Zone

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It is a space for interaction, learning and development of skills that will allow children to get in touch with technology in a fun way through workshops and dynamics of ideation and co-creation.


Medios de comunicación

Media and consumption of information and news have evolved rapidly with technology and digital media. Citizens have become active producers and consumers of data and information. In this space, new forms of audience production and consumption of information, the importance of different platforms, the evolution of radio and podcasting will be analyzed.

Digital Advertising

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New trends and creative digital strategies have helped businesses and different organizations to obtain successful and measurable results through high-impact digital campaigns. Experts from all around the world will analyze and discuss about the best practices in digital advertising.


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The evolution of technology also means that threats are transformed, and our information could be in danger. For 3 days, experts in Cybersecurity will cover topics related to how to protect our information against cyberattacks and how to prevent risks in the digital environment.


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The Financial Industry is transforming, they are using technologies to create new services and boost the sector. In this track, the attendees will know the trends, opportunities and challenges in regulation and implementation of Fintech.

Geek Girls Latam

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This is the space made for girls and women that are involved in transforming the world through technology. Here we will find women who inspire, empower and connect; leaders that are driving the transformation towards a sustainable Digital Economy.

Labs Col 4.0

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In this space, the attendees to Colombia 4.0 will participate in practical workshops focused on tools and expert training to develop digital contents such as 2D and 3D animations, Video Games, Digital Books, among others.



Let's do it! Here you can learn and put into practice all your knowledge about Digital Contents, Internet of Things, Programming, Video Games, Entrepreneurship, 2D and 3D Animation and many other things.


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Entrepreneurs and business men from all over the country that were supported by will have a space that connects the best of the digital world with face-to-face interaction in Colombia 4.0. We invite you to meet them and buy startup.

Orange Room

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For the first time we will have an exclusive business space for the Animation and Video Game Industries. Colombian Enterprises will present their offer to national and international buyers to do business and expand their markets.

Animation and Video Games Showroom

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This is the opportunity to explore the world of animations and video games Made in Colombia. Get surprised by all the talent and innovation of our industry and the products of Colombian Enterprises.

Home Office

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Home office will be one of the main topics at Colombia 4.0. It will offer an adapted space to work and a stand in which businessmen, leaders of public entities, workers and citizens in general can consult how to implement this modality.

Digital crops

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Colombia 4.0 will bring the best cases from different regions of the agriculture sector in Colombia. It is a space to show how the use and appropriation of technology has improved the productivity and competitiveness of the crops and the quality of life of the people.

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