Fred MascherinoFred Mascherino

Fred Mascherino is an American musician well known for playing an active role in the alternative rock scene of the 2000s, particularly a member of the Taking Back Sunday Band. Born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, he studied at Temple University where he specialized in Jazz Guitar.

Mascherino was a member of the bands Brody and Breaking Pangaea before joining Taking Back Sunday in 2003 where he was lead guitarist and second vocalist, also collaborating in songwriting. He recorded the albums Where You Want to Be and Louder Now, which represent the commercial height of the band. He currently works on his solo project, The Color Fred, and is a member of the Terrible Things band.

Fred has a YouTube channel where he shares music, news and observations; He also has a show called In the Shed With Fred, where he answers questions about his artistic process.

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Colombia 4.0, animation
Colombia 4.0, animation


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